01 noviembre 2013

Lente Scura

Si te gusta el arte de Lente Scura visita su espacio en Behance

2 comentarios:

  1. Dear Sirs,

    Hi. I noticed that my work is posted on your site. I don't have on record of a formal request from your publication to post my work. Please send me an official request and terms so I can have a record of this publication. If not, please removal my work from your sites including such sites as Facebook and Pinterest. I hope you understand my request is a means to control the usage of my art and it publication. If you have any questions, please contact me.

    -Lente Scura.

    1. Dear Artist,
      First of all sorry for the delay, I could not have checked the blog in the last days and it had not seen your message.
      I would love to keep the post about you and your art, because is stunning and I love it

      I am sorry not to have sent before the request for the publication of the post; I am not in the habit of doing it due to the fact that at all time I name the artist and I include a link in order that the reader could continue being informed. Also I include in the blog the following message: the copyrights of all the images contained in this blog, except where noted, belongs to the artists or the legal owners of such rights.
      But if you still wish to disappears the post about you, I will eliminate it without problems.
      The only purpose of this blog is to share art, of course always naming the artists and giving them more dissemination to the public. It is a non-profit blog.
      I regret any inconvenience you may have brought.
      I await your response